Here, you will find some photos about my friends I have modified with 2D software to looks like cartoons.

First, I search a picture where the face is clearly visible, then I scan it and work on it with 2D softwares to get a cartoon style. Secondly, I draw the rest of the picture with tradtionnal techniques and colorize it on my computer. Finaly, I put together all parts and try to inegrate them to have a global unity.

NB: for each creation, the result and the original photo are available.

Lof Swing

Lof SwingOriginal picture

A small work based on a photo of myself with a Lindy Hop suit.


VerginiaOriginal picture

Verginia my favourite samba's teacher.


VianneyOriginal picture

A present for Vianney's birthday


DadOriginal picture

A present for my dad's birthday

Laurenzo the Best

Laurenzo the BestOriginal picture

A picture to decorate a website about Laurenzo's life. I have created this website for his weeding.

Neda and Christophe's Weeding

Neda and Christophe's WeedingOriginal picture

A picture to decorate a website about Neda and Christophe's weeding.